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What is

It is a site where you can subscribe to rss and atom feeds and get a daily email of any updates over the last 24 hours. Our philosophy is to help you filter all the information from the web as well as find new information. We want to both expand your horizons and help you keep your current horizon in view. If that makes sense.

How is different from other feed aggregators?

Some ways:

  1. 1. It enhances the process of getting updates about blogs or other sources that post at irregular intervals. Say you have a friend who posts once every few weeks. Now you will get his update in your inbox the next morning. Multiply that by hundreds or even thousands of feeds. One quick scan of your email in the morning and you have the latest updates.
  2. 2. You get to see what feeds others are reading. This aids you in finding new blogs you want to read.

What is rss/atom?

It is a simple version of a blog or other site that allows a computer to read it and check for updates. For further info, go to What is RSS?

How do I find a feed?

Most sites have a link for rss or atom, but others use terms like feed or subscribe.